Regency Construction Services

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The Art of Providing Accurate and Reliable Numbers

Having accurately estimated more than $15 billion dollars worth of projects over the past two decades would lead you to believe that Regency knows numbers...this is true but to maintain that success we have worked hard to stay on top of current market conditions and how those conditions are affecting material costs and availability; how labor is impacted and how steep or shallow are those conditions forecasted. Being a builder in all of the major market segments we experience these trends and conditions every day and the knowledge gained from these experiences are constantly conveyed to our six person estimating team. On average, each estimating team member brings over twenty-five years of experience to each assignment and every discipline of work is represented in-house. Let us put our 125 years of collective estimating knowledge to work for you.     



Not Just a String of Activities but a Pathway to On-Time Success

The scheduling process is not a one-time event, but something that begins during the organizational meetings that kick off every Regency project and does not conclude until the project is deemed complete and occupied by the owner. Working collaboratively with all project team members,  a logical flow of events is established and built upon as the information develops. Team members are held accountable and responsible for their respective role on the project and we monitor each accordingly throughout the process to ensure those commitments are met and the overall completion objectives are met. Our scheduling team brings a working knowledge of all phases of project development, gained from over sixty collective years of construction experience and hands on management of this critical project component.  When it comes to ensuring timely project completion our team fulfills that obligation.



Putting a Builder’s Eye on Design to Review Completeness, Interdisciplinary Coordination, Find Gaps or Gray Areas to Lessen Downstream Clarifications or Change.  

Every design effort benefits from the in-depth review our team conducts on documents. Having conducted hundreds of constructability reviews on tens of thousands of design documents, we find on average, five to seven issues per drawing due to the lack of  clarity and/or incompleteness of drawings, missing or missed labeled details, or the lack of coordination between disciplines. Our proactive and pre-bid constructability review efforts have the potential to eliminate requests for information during the construction process and often staves off potential changes which result in added costs to the project.  Our seasoned team of reviewers pays for their efforts numerous times...and as the saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."