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Park and Zoo projects are so unique and there is always something to learn. While our experience will inform our approach, the Regency team will work closely with yours to fully understand and use your needs to drive the project.

Building for the Great Outdoors

Parks and Zoo facilities in Ohio attract millions of visitors every year for their recreational, educational, and social rewards. Leaders of these organizations are often tasked with maintaining complex facilities to support a wide range of programming as well as acres of beautiful green spaces. Construction partners who understand how to complete projects efficiently while also maintaining high standards of quality can help parks and zoos provide even more of these engaging opportunities to their visitors, furthering their missions.

From nature and visitor centers and park pavilions to animal exhibits and rainforest domes, Regency has worked with our park clients to renovate and build iconic spaces across the region. Having used all major delivery methods—as well as our self-performed carpentry—we have the experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their organizational goals as well as keep projects safe, on-time and on-budget.

Key Considerations for Park and Zoo Construction

  • Constructability reviews and cost studies from our estimating and scheduling departments can help park leaders navigate some of the toughest design challenges to maximize budgets and achieve project objectives.

  • Strict adherence to American Zoological Association (AZA) standards is essential when working in a zoo environment.

  • Close communication between design and construction partners helps to identify long lead times for the unique materials that are typical of park and zoo facilities.

  • Sustainability and conservation goals can be achieved by examining materials and processes early in the project (we have several LEED-certified project staff members to support you).

Regency’s collaborative approach is a breath of fresh air. See for yourself:

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