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How Regency Keeps your Project Budget on Track

From our founding, Regency has been one of the few construction management firms that maintains a full-time estimating staff proficient in all disciplines of work. We recognize that accurate estimates are critical to the planning, scheduling and decision-making process and that proper cost control is a continual process extending over the entire duration of the project.

The estimating experience our team brings is second to none. Our in-house capabilities provide the entire estimate eliminating the need to rely solely on external consultants or contractors.

As the project progresses through each stage of design, our estimates and cost information correspondingly increase in detail and accuracy. The estimates and drawings are reconciled at each Design Stage to determine what might be missing from the documents. With our construction knowledge, our team is able to fill in the missing components to bridge the gaps in design. Our collaborative approach with the design team enables us to determine the complete scope of the project as we enter the GMP, bidding, and construction stages.

Our Tools

It is much easier and more cost effective to change a design, building component, method, or material on paper than it is once it is in construction.

Regency’s in-house estimating and in-house scheduling teams work together and with our design partners to ensure designs are complete, biddable, and buildable using tools such as:

  • Constructability Review

  • Clash Detection

  • Value Management         

  • Cost Studies

While many refer to these services as Value-Added, we believe they represent best practice.

Regency is flexible and can provide standalone estimating services for any partner, whether the work is for infrastructure, civic, or commercial building projects. We also provide our estimating services as part of our standard process for construction management, design-build and owner’s representation projects.


Regency’s in-house estimating team keeps their pencils sharp by working on our own projects as well as consulting for owners and our design partners, and by maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and subcontractors throughout the region.

Where We Work

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