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What to Expect

Our approach to construction management is collaborative and flexible, led by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Always acting in the best interest of our clients, our goal is to ensure open communication from preconstruction through closeout to keep the project aligned with the program, design, scope, budget and schedule. 

We provide our clients with:

  • A dedicated team of experts who lead the project phase-by-phase

  • Quality work delivered through a client-focused approach

  • Tailored cost estimates and project schedules, ALL provided in-house

  • A safe environment for everyone on the project

  • A collaborative approach allowing the team to make decisions together and consider alternative solutions when appropriate

Our Approach to Construction Management

Regency approaches Construction Management in five stages:

The Kick-off Meeting

  • Work with the project team to establish lines of communication, understand the project background, and build a working relationship that values and respects all parties

Design and GMP

  • Work with the owner, design team, and our in-house estimating and scheduling teams to generate realistic and comprehensive cost estimates and schedules

  • Continuously align the cost estimate and budget through each design stage

  • Conduct outreach to inform diverse subcontractors about contract opportunities

  • Pre-qualify subcontractors to ensure the right partners are involved

  • Conduct constructability reviews, value engineering, and cost studies to maximize the project budget and timeline 

Bid and Award

  • Use our experience and subcontractor relationships to package the scopes of work to attract the most qualified bidders

  • Thoroughly vet bids to ensure the scope is covered and the project is aligned with the schedule, budget, GMP, and other Design Stage decisions

  • Regency also has the capacity to bid and self-perform carpentry scopes of work.


  • Advance the project smoothly during construction by closely supervising all activities

  • Keep all team members on schedule, on budget, and moving in the same direction using regular communication touchpoints

  • Work with all project team partners to complete the work effectively and efficiently


  • Pay close attention to punch list details to turn over the space as scheduled

  • Conduct thorough inspections and cleaning, and submit all final documentation

  • Ensure owner training is completed and address any final concerns

Construction Management

As your Construction Manager, Regency will engage proactive communication, in-house preconstruction services, and decades of project management and contracting expertise to construct projects that stand the test of time.

Where We Work

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