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Safety begins with the day-to-day procedures that contractors are accustomed to as well as a standard of accountability for our project team to ensure the protocols we set in place are followed.


At Regency, safety is not a task, but a culture. No matter if you are an employee, subcontractor, client,  or visitor, we want you to return home safely after interacting with our project sites.

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Some of the tools we use to keep our jobsites safe include:

  • Dedicated daily safety walk throughs, meetings, and reports

  • Extensive technical and safety training for all field staff

  • Third-party safety consultant

  • Published safety and site logistics plans agreed upon with the client

  • Advanced coordination, prequalification, and communication with subcontractors

  • Stringent COVID safety procedures following local, state, and CDC Guidelines

In addition to extensive training, the right resources, and strong communication practices, our team also possesses the knowledge and experience to adapt our plans to your project. School districts, hospitals, and commercial institutions all have their own needs and concerns. Whether special project phasing, work schedules, infectious disease controls, or site logistics are at play, we work with our clients to ensure that our project sites are clean and properly secured, especially when working on an occupied site.

Most importantly, we have an open-door communication policy at Regency and a culture that emphasizes integrity and teamwork. We encourage everyone on our team to say something if they see something that does not look right, even if they are not in a leadership role. This expectation helps us build trust among our project team and is key to our ability and commitment to keep everyone safe.

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