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Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Design Builder for The Ohio State University to renovate the greenhouse that sits atop the 12th street parking garage, correcting complex issues with waterproofing and the topping slab.

Regency served as the Design Builder for The Ohio State University on the 12th Avenue Garage Greenhouse Renovations. The Greenhouses are used for teaching and research by both graduate students and professors to study rare and exotic plants. The Biology Greenhouse contains ten individual greenhouse units, five on each side of a central glazed corridor. The Entomology Greenhouse contains five shorter individual greenhouse units, sharing a common glazed corridor.

The project scope consisted of waterproofing and damp-proofing under the topping slabs and correcting drainage issues associated with the Greenhouse which is located on top of the 12th Avenue Parking Garage. The topping slabs and fin tube radiant heating were replaced. Taking place over just one summer, the project was phased by lab area to accommodate student and professor research and to maintain access to the plants for watering.

Due to their sensitive nature, most plants and research materials were carefully and temporarily relocated (and then returned) to facilitate the work.

Regency used special ventilation measures to protect the plants that remained from excess dust or gases that could result from typical construction activities. For example, wet saws limited dust particles and migration fans pulled air away from the plants. Evaporative coolers helped our team monitor the air temperature and keep the space cool during the summer months of the project.

One critical part of the project was to conduct waterproofing and damp-proofing around an especially rare and heavy plant that could not be removed because its roots had adhered to the concrete deck. To ensure the plant and its root ball would not be traumatized, the Owner asked that our team leave the plant and work around it. This included constructing a concrete curb around the plant and running the waterproofing right up to that curb.

The Ohio State University

12th Avenue Garage Greenhouse Renovation

Columbus, Ohio

Higher Education

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