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Construction Management at Risk (in Joint Venture), Estimating, Scheduling


$22 Million


122,000 SF



Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Construction Manager at Risk in Joint Venture for the construction of several full-service maintenance facilities for District 9 of the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Regency provided Construction Management at Risk in Joint Venture services to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the construction of their District 9 — Brown, Adams, and Ross Counties — full-service maintenance facilities. The vehicle storage, wash bay, mechanics bay, welding bay, and administrative offices were constructed as one building for each county. This provided convenient, sheltered, and conditioned access between facilities. Other buildings on each campus included a salt storage building, materials building, cold storage building, outdoor fueling facility, and an area for brine mixing. 

Ohio Department of Transportation

Full-Service Maintenance Facilities for Brown, Adams, and Ross Counties

Southern Ohio


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