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Construction Management at Risk, Estimating, Scheduling, Carpentry


$8.8 Million


34,950 SF



Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Construction Manager at Risk for the demolition of the historical Cooke Building and construction of the new Hogrefe Building in downtown Sandusky.

Regency provided Construction Management at Risk services for the demolition and reconstruction of what was the historical Cooke Building, a prominent building with a rich history located in the heart of downtown Sandusky. 

In addition to the demolition of the existing building which stood for nearly 170 years, work included shoring the adjacent building common wall and the construction of an all-new three-story building reaching 45 feet high, the same height as the former building. Retail space occupies the building’s street level complemented by an outdoor courtyard. Attorney and professional offices encompass the entire second floor, and the third floor features residential apartments, available for rent to interested local residents. An outdoor lounge area sits atop the building's roof.

The new structure is a mix of CMU masonry, steel and metal stud bearing wall assemblies. Prefabricated windows were also included in the new building’s structure.

H2 Property Holdings, LLC

The Hogrefe Building

Sandusky, Ohio


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