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$8.9 Million


78,450 SF



Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Design Builder for the new Central Service Complex for the City of Lorain, which includes a full-service maintenance garage, vehicle storage, salt storage building, and cold storage building as well as offices, locker rooms, kitchen, and training/conference rooms for staff.

Regency served as the Design Builder for the construction of the new Central Service Complex for the City of Lorain. The Complex houses the Public Property Department, which is responsible for maintaining city roads, vehicles, parks, and other facilities. The vastly improved working environment houses almost 50 workers and more than 40 trucks, many with plows.

Regency constructed several pre-engineered metal buildings to house mechanics bays, vehicle wash bays, cold storage building, a fabric structured salt dome that holds 2,400 tons of salt, and material and tool storage. A precast mezzanine looks over the maintenance garage, where Regency installed a patented track bridge crane and portable vehicle lifts to support the maintenance team.

The project included installing proper exhaust and drainage systems, paving with standard and heavy-duty asphalt, and connecting the Complex to an existing fuel island. The Complex also includes administrative offices, locker rooms, and conference/training spaces.

The project was completed while maintaining access to the City’s onsite police and SWAT team facilities.

City of Lorain

New Central Service Complex

Lorain, Ohio


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