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General Contracting, Estimating, Carpentry




9,885 SF



Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as General Contractor (Job Order Contracting) to complete minor interior renovations to the second floor of the Cleveland Clinic's West Park Learning Center.

Regency provided General Contracting services to complete renovations to the West Park Learning Center. The nursing training center serves the Transformational Healthcare Readiness through Innovative Vocational Education (THRIVE) program, an educational enrichment program developed by the Cleveland Clinic to teach aspiring patient care nursing assistants (PCNAs) the skills and strategies that will help them be successful in their role. The program identifies those most at risk of encountering work readiness and success barriers, one-on-one coaching, and a  curriculum provided during the few months of a new hire start.

Regency upgraded and expanded the existing skills lab to simulate a real hospital setting. Work in the upgraded space included the hanging and painting of simulation headwalls, the creation of a simulation restroom, the addition of curtain tracks to simulate actual patient spaces, and the installation of simulatied connections for medical gas hookups, in order to help students practice patient care in a safe and controlled environment. We also upgraded two nursing classrooms, replacing a wall with a folding partition to give instructors a more flexible teaching environment.

Wall demolition, construction of new partition walls, finish upgrades to flooring and paint, new furniture, and new A/V equipment were also part of the project's scope of work. Regency self-performed carpentry elements such as the hanging of drywall, metal stud framing, ceiling installation, doors, frames, hardware, and the installation of toilet room accessories.

In keeping with the Cleveland Clinic’s standards for satellite facilities, our team set up temporary ICRA and containment requirements meant keep the space safe for staff by minimizing the impact of dust that results from demolition and drywall installation activites.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

West Park Learning Center Renovation for THRIVE

Cleveland, Ohio


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