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General Contracting (JOC), Estimating, Scheduling, Carpentry


$1.1 Million


1,785 SF



Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the General Contractor (Job Order Contracting) for the interior renovation and buildout of the Oncology Department at the Cleveland Clinic's Strongsville Family Health and Surgery Center.

Regency provided General Contracting (JOC) services to the Cleveland Clinic for the interior renovation and buildout of the Oncology Department at their Strongsville facility. Selective demolition of the existing space and disassembly of the existing Linear Accelerator (LINAC) equipment were included in the project’s scope of work. The interior build out portion of the project was primarily focused on building a new room for the Computed Technology (CT) Simulator, renovating the room in which the LINAC equipment is located, and replacing the LINAC machinery.

Selective demolition included flooring, existing concrete, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. A new vapor barrier and slab were poured and extended where necessary for the mechanical equipment. New flooring, wall assemblies, millwork, doors, ceilings, light fixtures, electrical and mechanical distribution, Unistrut support system, sump pump, plumbing fixtures, piping and fittings, nurse call devices, fencing system, and humidfier were then installed. New frames, including lead-lined frames and lead-equivalent glazing, were also installed. Ceilings, soffits, frames and walls were painted to match the aesthetics of the space. Specialty lighting with a centralized control panel were installed to accent the space where the LINAC equipment is housed to create a more relaxing environment for patients during treatment.

Regency self-performed the installation of a temporary wall, doors, frames, hardware, wall assemblies, drywall (some of which was lead-lined), the ceiling system, and millwork.

Due to their original containment within the space room, department staff were only able to operate the LINAC machine or the CT Simulator at a single time. The completion of this renovation to house the equipment in separate spaces allows the staff to safely operate both machines simultaneously. This allows the department to accomodate twice the number of patients at a single time than previously permitted, a postivie impact to the center’s capacity and serviceability.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Strongsville Family Health and Surgery Center – Oncology LINAC and CT Simulator Replacement

Strongsville, Ohio


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