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Construction Management at Risk, Estimating, Scheduling


$4.1 Million


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Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Construction Manager at Risk for Cleveland Public Library where nine branches, including one Carnegie Library, were renovated to provide ADA compliance, restroom upgrades, HVAC upgrades, masonry, roofing, and miscellaneous door hardware upgrades.

Regency served as the Construction Manager at Risk for the Warm, Safe, Dry Renovations to nine Cleveland Public Library (CPL) branches including Addison, Carnegie West, Collinwood, Fulton, Glenville, Harvard Lee, Jefferson, Langston Hughes and Lorain (which is an original Carnegie Library). Four libraries (Carnegie West, Lorain, Jefferson, Collinwood) are near or more than 100 years old, and except for Langston-Hughes, the others are more than 30 years old.

Given the age of these buildings, it was key to update their infrastructure systems to keep them “warm, safe, and dry” for all patrons. Improvements included: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system upgrades; renovations for ADA compliance; exterior façade restoration; roofing; restroom renovations; entrance repairs; tuckpointing; and interior demolition and improvements. To ensure fair access to the libraries and minimize service disruptions, the schedule was organized so that no more than one branch on each side of Cleveland (east or west) would be closed at any given time.

Our project team worked closely with CPL to identify opportunities in the project scope to effectively address structural concerns while also keeping the overall project goals, schedule, and budget in mind.

Cleveland Public Library

Safe, Warm, Dry Renovations

Cleveland, Ohio


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