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Construction Management at Risk, General Contracting, Estimating, Scheduling, Carpentry


$680,000 (2018) + $786,000 (2019) + $906,000 (2021)


7,000 SF (2018) +11,088 SF (2021)


2018 + 2019 + 2021

Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as Construction Manager at Risk for the interior and exterior renovations to the First Federal Lakewood Westlake Branch offices. Most recently, Regency served as General Contractor for additional tenant renovations on the basement, first, and third floors of the branch's office building.


Regency returned to the First Federal Lakewood Westlake Branch offices to provide General Contracting services for tenant renovations to the basement, first floor, and third floors.

Basement renovations included improvements to the training center, a new kitchen, and new bathrooms. Upgrades to the training center included 12 new electric floor boxes and data. The new kitchen space included new cabinets, eight booths, wall seating, and additional tables for collaboration. Restroom upgrades included new walls, paint, floors, sinks, stalls, electric, and plumbing.

First floor renovations included 24 cubicles, four individual offices, two conference rooms, office supply room, one collaboration space with kitchen and an ADA-compliant ramp, one storage closet, two furnaces, and an ADA-compliant bathroom. Additional work completed during the project included the replacement of 11 windows, installation of shiplap on the ceiling and wall, skylight rehabilitation, and installation of an exterior garage door.

Third floor renovations included 24 cubicles, three individual offices, two bathrooms, and a new mechanical room.

General building improvements were also made. New electrical panels and transformers, as well as a new electrical distribution throughout the building were installed. Five roof top units were replaced. Asphalt and concrete patching were also completed by the team.

Regency faced a couple challenges during construction which included shortage in material from COVID-19 and change in the project scope during construction. Our team worked with the Owner, architect, and manufacture to find solutions which included expedited shipments for floors and doors, and technology and electrical upgrades.


Regency again provided Construction Management at Risk services for exterior repairs to the First Federal Lakewood Westlake Branch. This project was a replacement of the existing mansard roofing with new EIFS, as well as new coping and painting. A new brick and glass vestibule was constructed at the front entrance.


Regency provided Construction Management at Risk services for  interior renovations to the First Federal Lakewood Westlake Branch. Construction was completed in three phases keep the bank operational.

  • Phase 1 consisted of an interior buildout of the second floor in preparation for a new building tenant, as well as renovations for most of the restrooms in the building and the stairs. The project scope included selective demolition, upgraded electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems, new lighting, paint, new cabinets and countertops, new doors, frames and hardware, and new flooring and ceilings. Regency also reinstalled the owner-provided workstations.

  • Phase 2 included a restroom renovation on the third floor with new flooring, mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, new wall finishes, and new toilet room accessories, as well as new finishes in the adjacent hallway.

  • Phase 3 included a Bank Lobby renovation with new glass and glazing, new finishes, walls and soffits, and a fresh coat of paint.

  • Regency self-performed the rough and finish carpentry scopes of work on this project, including: wood blocking, cabinet and counter installation, handrail removal/reinstallation, installation of doors, frames and hardware, window removal and trim work, and the installation of signage, hand dryer materials, and toilet room accessories.

First Federal Lakewood

Westlake Branch Interior, Exterior, and Tenant Renovations

Westlake, Ohio


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